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Press Release: Davenport Machine Benefits from Increase in Aerospace Industry

Press Release: Close relationship between R.I.T. and Brinkman International Group, Inc.

Davenport Sees Rebound from Recession

Davenport Machine Rolls Out BIG Changes for the Davenport HP Machine.

Stung by Soaring Transport Costs, Factories Bring Jobs Home Again

RIT Dedication

High Precision Orientation with The NEW Davenport HPO!

Davenport Machine Keeps the World Turning: A Four Year Update

Davenport Machine Announces Completion of Building Renovation

New DVD Set For Davenport Operator Training

New Quick Change Tool Spindle Box Cuts Hours Off Of Set Ups

Competing On a Multi-Spindle

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Stories of Earl Brinkman by Robert J. Brinkman - Sayings

Dad was well known for many of his favorite sayings.  “How are you Earl?” would invariably be answered with, “Right in the pink!”  But he had many more which just keep on surfacing in my vocabulary.  Here are some of the ones that I remember and sometimes practice.


Sayings: Earl W. Brinkman

Keep the whip on ‘em.

The transgressor never forgives.

What’s right is right.

Never take an unfair advantage.

Stay ahead of ‘em.

Moving force follows the path of least resistance.

Never let there be a doubt.

In the pink.

A mans’ word is his bond.

A miss is as good as a mile.

Always give credit where credit is due.

Intestinal fortitude

We grow to soon olt und to late schmart.

There’s no better way to make it than to not spend it.

Cheap skate

Nature abhors a vacuum.

If you’re going to do it, do it right.


Robert J. Brinkman favorites, some original (*)

If one’s good, twenty’s better. *

One good thing about people being able to smoke in bars is that it kept me out of bars.

Cream rises to the top.

If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Change is constant.

If you’re not changing, you’re going backwards.*

Never agree with one side of the story until you hear both sides, and then you’re probably better off to stay out of it.*

You can’t keep your finger on the pulse of the company with your thumb up your ass!*

I’m glad you’re all here.*

The buck doesn’t stop here, I just make change---one way or another.*

I have a bad memory so I always tell the truth because the truth is always the truth.*

No is a four letter word. *

There is no such thing as a good assumption

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