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Press Release: Davenport Machine Benefits from Increase in Aerospace Industry

Press Release: Close relationship between R.I.T. and Brinkman International Group, Inc.

Davenport Sees Rebound from Recession

Davenport Machine Rolls Out BIG Changes for the Davenport HP Machine.

Stung by Soaring Transport Costs, Factories Bring Jobs Home Again

RIT Dedication

High Precision Orientation with The NEW Davenport HPO!

Davenport Machine Keeps the World Turning: A Four Year Update

Davenport Machine Announces Completion of Building Renovation

New DVD Set For Davenport Operator Training

New Quick Change Tool Spindle Box Cuts Hours Off Of Set Ups

Competing On a Multi-Spindle

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Stories of Earl Brinkman by Robert J. Brinkman - Family

Noise, noise, noise
Grandma Brinkman was born in the US.  She returned to Austria, now Slovenia, when she was a young girl and came back later.  She was born with one hip socket which left her with a short leg and a limp.  This didn’t stop her from having fourteen children, however.

When my mother married my father they visited Milwaukee on a driving trip to see customers.  Of course everyone got together to see Earl and his new wife.  All these big German guys made so much noise yelling and kidding with each other that Mom went into the bathroom and cried.  She just wasn’t used to so much noise at a family gathering.  Must be her side of the family, although also German, wasn’t quite as loud.  She used to say that her dad wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouth full.

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