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About Davenport Machine

Davenport Machine Tool Company was founded in 1894 by Mr. William Simeon Davenport in New Bedford, Mass. Initially producing clock pinion turning machines, the company progressed into the manufacture of intricate multiple spindle automatic bar machines. Mr. Davenport filed Davenport Machine as a corporation in 1919. As the business grew, the company began searching for a more central geographic location between the strong Midwestern and New England markets of the time. Later that year, the company established its new headquarters at its present location in Rochester, New York.

Although credited with many inventions, Mr. Davenport is recognized mostly for the Model B Automatic Screw Machine that bears his name. The machine today is the result of decades of mechanical evolution from its patented design in 1902. In Mr. Davenport's own words, "The development of a machine is a growth process. My first machine had about 350 parts. Improvements and simplification added the other 1,500. A machine grows out of a crude infancy like a boy into manhood."

Since 1919, Davenport Machine has played a key role in the US military. Granted AAA priority during wartime, Davenport's doors were open day and night, 24 hours a day, supplying the nation's arsenals with equipment to produce much-needed war materials. Both bullets and cartridge shells were, and continue to be, produced on Davenport machines. High altitude fuses used in anti-aircraft shells as well as anti-personnel bomb casings also are manufactured on Davenport machines. During World War II employees worked seven days a week in order to build the machines needed to support the war effort. After each seven days' work, they were then given a day off.

In 1925 a young mechanic named Earl Brinkman came to learn the Davenport from his job as a millwright for Lewis Machine, the Davenport dealer in Milwaukee. Fifty four years later he retired from Davenport having been President from 1966 to 1979. His many innovations, some patented, many not, drove the sales of the machine to a high of fifty per month when he retired. He was known throughout the screw machine industry as "Mr. Davenport" as his name became synonymous with the company and the machine. He designed the bent shank tapping attachment for Champion Spark Plug in Toledo during the depression. Mr. Davenport wouldn't let him build it initially, but when he returned from calling on Albert Champion with orders for two machines, Davenport relented. Radial in-feed thread rolling and the Rev-n-loc for hex broaching for set screws are just two of his many inventions.

The Model B is complemented by a complete line of more than fifty standard attachments and a wide selection of tool holders, all manufactured by Davenport. The test of time has proven the "Model B" to be the fastest, most versatile multiple-spindle automatic bar machine ever produced. Now, with the integration of Servo Technology, the machine is even faster.

In 1996 Davenport launched the Model B Servo, which uses state-of-the-art servo technology. It offered increased speed over the Model B with better accuracy, easier set up and more flexible operation. Servo threading and back tapping have now been added.

The year 2003 brought new ownership to Davenport Machine. Now part of Brinkman International Group, Inc. and under the direction of Bob Brinkman, Earl's son, the company continues to focus on the needs of the precision machined parts market.

From the beginning, Davenport invention revolutionized screw machine technology. The remarkable 5-spindle Model B became a legend. The respected Davenport name embraces an ever-growing spectrum of finely engineered products and Brinkman International is committed to the industry. Davenport innovation will continue to make history for another 100 years.

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